Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Harness Snafu

We had an exciting event two days ago.  I put Vante into her harness and we went to explore the back yard.  After maybe 5-10 minutes Vante said it was too cold so we came inside.  This is the 'exciting' part.  While I was helping Vante out of her harness she tried to get away and got her right leg through the neck hole. 

My father and I loosened the harness as much as possible but we had no luck getting her unstuck.  We fidgeted with that silly harness for maybe 5 minutes and we tried our best to get her leg back through the hole but it wasn't happening. 

During this Vante was less than amused.  She was quite vocal about her unhappiness and even tried to bite me once (her heart wasn't in it--she didn't even break skin).  So, finally I cut the harness off of her and Vante ran away, quite pleased that her ordeal was over. 

Since then we've been painting our house and she's found it absolutely fascinating.  All the furniture has been moved, the Christmas decorations have been put away and long-lost cat toys have been rediscovered under the fridge and chairs.  Here is a photo of Vante helping my father paint.  She's an excellent assistant and didn't get any paint on her tail, toes or whiskers (thank-goodness).

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vante's Christmas

Vante's first Christmas with us was a lot of fun.  Extra food and treats flowed like milk and honey to the birds, cats and humans in the house.  Vante spent most of the morning curled up in a sunny spot on her window ledge.  However Christmas evening she was out and about exploring the wrapping paper that was everywhere.  She found an excellent nook and relaxed for a while. 

As for Christmas presents, Vante got some cat milk, ribbons, a cat scratcher, treats and toys.  And of course  all of the wrapping paper and bows were just as exciting as her presents.  It was a very good Christmas.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Enjoying the Lights of the Season

Vante is enjoying the Christmas lights from her bedroom window.  She's also enjoying helping wrap presents (and I use the word help loosely).  She's met my sister and my parents and they're all having a ball.  She's keeping everybody's lap nice and warm this holiday season.  We all hope that your kitties, puppies, four-legged and even two-legged children are enjoying the holiday season.

As Vante said, Merry Christmas... I mean Merry Catmus!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Vante's Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a fake-fur mouse.

But what to my wondering eyes should appear but a little Vante spreading Vante-style cheer.  She dashed through the living room and ran to the tree.  Then what did she do but bat at the ornaments with glee.  But soon that no longer held wonder, so she circled the tree.

Then she chased the red laser dot no fheer.  She chased it ... over chair, over sofa, over Aunty and then into the hall.  Then finally she caught it between the TV and the wall.  That silly red dot was jeering her on and she took one last pounce and poof - it was gone! 

There were many more things to do before Santa came, so Vante she moved onto her next kitty game.

Aunty pulled out her favorite ribbon and watch-out!  Vante would soon be pouncing about.  She chased and she batted that ribbon with fury.  Then she took it and bit it to show it who's boss.  Then finally the ribbon gave up its fight.

Vante soon nestled snug in her bed and would soon have visions of catnip playthings dancing in her head.  There would be ribbon and paper and sparkly things galore.... but she took one last second before she drifted off to sleep: 

"Merry Catmus to all and to all a Good Night!"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving update

Ladies & Gentlemen,
I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of turkey, pumpkin pie, family, friends and furry four-legged friends. My husband and I spent Thanksgiving in San Diego exploring the Zoo, Wild Animal Park and Sea World, which were amazing. 

We took our two young cats with us since one of them was finishing a regimine of pills.  (Vante says hello. --> hbghbhbbhgvfdrdeddc)  Vante spent Thanksgiving w/the whole house to herself and with lots of love and care from our cat-sitter.  She enjoyed a feast of Turkey and Giblets on Thanksgiving (Friskies-style).

Christmas will be very different since we'll be staying home and family will be visiting us.  Vante is going to adore all the attention, laps and ribbon-chasing.  As you see she's already looking forward to Christmas and all the trouble and chaos she can cause. 

Can't you just see how excited she is - her enthusiasm is contagious.  It's rolling off of her like clouds (storm clouds).

This will be Vante's first Christmas celebration in 10 years away from Best Friends.  I'm going to do my best to make her love and enjoy every minute. 

We'll have to make sure to send lots of love and prayers for her 'friends' that she left behind at Colonel's Barracks and at Best Friends.  I'm sorry that I couldn't bring all of them home but I am truly grateful that I was able to bring Vante home with me.  While she has proven to be a challenge, I love her dearly.  She's curled up and taken residence on my lap and in my heart. 

I hope each and every one of you have your own four-legged friends that bring you such joy and happiness. 
Merry Christmas!
-Ashley & Vante

Monday, November 16, 2009


I had a pile of nicely stacked coupons on the floor from last Sunday's newspaper and little Miss V couldn't fight off the temptation.  She rolled and played in them until she became discounted herself.  She's so goofy!

(The photo was taken with an iPhone, so I apologize about the poor photo quality.)

Miss V is doing good and we're using a pheromone diffuser in her room to try to get her to chill out around her little sisters.  We've painted her room and she was intrigued by the furniture movement and fascinating new things I brought into the house to paint. 

She continues to burrow into blankets for naps.  Several times I've done a full house searches recently.  Finally I would go back into her room, nudget the blanket with my finger and finally hear a protesting meow.  She was curled into an impossibly tiny Vante-ball  underneath her favorite blanket every time.  Melting her momma's heart. 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vante gets some Bling!

As you all know several weeks ago Vante officially became part of our family.  Well, that same day I ordered her new necklace (collar) and tags.  When we left Best Friends Mike put a pink collar on Vante, so I decided to stick with pink for her.  I had her name and our phone number embroidered onto her collar and all the pertinent information put on her matching pink tag.  Here is Vante modeling her newest jewelry. 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Quilting Apprentice

I laid out one of my newest quilts on the floor to take photos and within moments my quilting apprentice was inspecting my work.  She is such a ham, I never was able to get a good photo of just the quilt.  She just had to be in every photo. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

She's a burrower!

Vante is thriving with all the attention and TLC my husband and I adorn upon her.  In the past several days she has taken to burrowing underneath the blanket that I always seem to have over my legs and feet.  Her whiskers tickle my feet so it's a challenge to keep still but usually she just snuggles up next to my ankles and takes a cat-nap.

Off topic but neat nonetheless
While catching up on the news I read about this huge indoor dog park in Houston.  It's 50,000 square feet of indoor theme park with outdoor area too because it sits on 6.5 acres of woods.  There is a pet supply center, cafĂ©, grooming, daycare and overlooking lounge areas.  Dogs must meet socialization criteria, be in good health and up to date on shots.  One thing I don't approve of is their breed ban policy.  They site that they don't allow Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes in the off-leash play areas due to insurance reasons.  That is truly unfortunate and other than that I think it's great.  We need something like that in Las Vegas!
Here is the link: Unleashed Dog Park

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

Vante, Amelia & Callie Mae all had a Happy Halloween safely locked away in our bedrooms.  I hope you and your four-legged friends had a safe and happy Halloween too.

November and the holiday season is upon us, but there are always lots of weird holidays and celebrations. I always found them fun and kinda silly but each has their own reason.  In particular I enjoy the animal holidays, and since you're reading this blog, I'm sure you do too.  So here they are in chronological order for November.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month
National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week - first week in Nov.

National Cat Week - first week in Nov.
Hug a Bear Day - Nov. 7

I find the Hug a Bear Day to be somewhat disturbing.  I truly hope their talking about teddy bears, but I have a feeling they aren't.  Call me a chicken, but I won't be participating in that holiday.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Vante has been struggling with her Halloween costume, but here were her options.

Costume 1: Witch

(That is not a happy face and that stayed on her head for less than 45 seconds.)

Costume 2: Bat

(This costume was even worse.  She tried to eat it and may have succeeded but I intervened.)

At this point I thought Vante didn't want to celebrate Halloween, but then, after looking over the photos I realized that she had her own ideas...

Costume 3: Pirate

Arrrgh!  We have a winner!
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

National Cat Day

It's National Cat Day!

What does that mean, you ask.  Well, I'm not exactly sure but the title sounds promising!  I've done some rudimentary research (aka Googling) and here is what I found out.  Apparently it's the day prior to Halloween for a reason - to take advantage of reminding folks to keep their cats safe on Halloween, celebrate the ancient folk tales about witches turning themselves into cats, and just to show how much we love our cats.
National Cat Day Web site
Cat Day Story

I would like to gently remind everybody that Saturday is Halloween.  Please keep your beloved cats (and dogs) inside or closely watch them while they're outside.  This is one of the more dangerous times of the year for our furry friends.  Stay safe!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Odds & Ends

Check out this blog by Drs. Foster and Smith.  They have blogs for many animals, check it out.
Cat Blog

Here is the link to Best Friends Animal Society Cat Library with advice on handling any and every issue.  I just found it and am following its advice to help Vante, Callie Mae and Amelia get along.  They have libraries for lots of other animals too.
Cat Library

I've made several small quilts for the Nevada SPCA cattery and somebody from my quilting guild donated two pillows filled with selvage (leftover ends and odds of fabric).  I dropped them off last week and here are two photos of the kitties enjoying their new pillows and quilts.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adoption Finalized

Vante is now Vante Norris!

Last week I emailed back and forth with Mark from the cat adoption center at Best Friends and we decided to make Vante's adoption final.  Today Lezlie came and picked up the paperwork, so Vante is now officially adopted!

I was given a lot of advice and warning before I took Vante home.  I think everybody loves Vante & wanted to make sure I knew what was in store when I took her home.  That is why I originally went with the foster to adopt option.  I wasn't sure how things would go with my other two cats.  And while Vante may be grumpy and have difficulty playing with others, she's OUR grumpy girl and home to stay.  I would miss her terribly if she left. 

We both love this rotten little girl who jumps up on the counter, is a messy eater, walks across the keyboard, and plays on (and with) my quilting fabric.  Every morning and night when she curls up in a ball on our laps and purrs up a storm, meling our hearts. She's home to stay.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cats are Lactose Intolerant

I am writing to confirm that cats are lactose intolerant.  Vante, the little sneak that she is, has proven that to me twice now.  She apparently has a drinking problem. 

Let me explain: I put a bowl of leftover cereal milk on the table and she has drank her fill three times now.  I stopped her short the second time, but yet it was enough to make her hurl.  Poor Vante.  Needless to say, I'm more careful with where I leave my cereal milk these days.  Here is the photographic proof of her drinking problem. 

(As for the photo of her drinking, the camera was literally sitting next to me and I took three quick photos and then shooed her away.)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Integrating an ailurophobic cat

Integrating a cat that is an ailurophobic cat with two other cats isn't easy, quick or very much fun.  Slowly but surely we're at it again; letting out all three cats out to wander, see each other, hiss and growl for several hours a day.  We're trying positive reinforcement with a renewed vigor.  That means that when the cats are around each other we're showering them with attention and brushing.  Hopefully they'll catch on that good things happen when they're around each other.  As Martha would say, "It's a good thing."

Today is National Feral Cat Day and unfortunately nothing is happening to commemorate this day in Nevada.  What a shame because we have our share of feral cats in Las Vegas.  If you keep up with the Best Friends' Focus on Felines campaign you've heard about the colonies living in one of the local casino parking garages.  Kudos to that casino for doing the right thing.  Want to find out if something is happening in your neck of the woods, then go to National Feral Cat Day

However there are several events coming up in the next month that will help raise money for our local non-profits and rescues.  Here is the next one.
24 Oct - C.A.T.S. & FLOCK yard & bake sale - 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at 5131 Kell Lane in Las Vegas
              C.A.T.S. is the only pet food bank in Las Vegas.
              FLOCK helps put cats and kittens in loving homes.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Celebrate Squirrel Awareness Week

Apparently this is squirrel awareness week.  In an effort to educate and make Vante more aware of squirrels we explored the backyard again last night.  However, we do live in Las Vegas and our biggest tree is the size of my wrist.  So, after 5 minutes of no squirrels, chipmunks, or even mice (thank-goodness), she decided she was good and ready to go inside and walked herself to the back door.  Maybe we'll have squirrels at our next house Vante... 

There are several important dates coming up...
16 Oct. - National Feral Cat Day
For more information and ideas on how to celebrate go to: National Feral Cat Day
23-25 Oct. - No More Homeless Pets National Conference (Vante is their poster-cat)
To register online go to: No More Homeless Pets National Conference

On the silly side...
This week is squirrel awareness week.
Next week is Wildlife week.
21 Oct. - Reptile Awareness Day
26 Oct. - Mule Day

And sorry to say we missed celebrating...
4 Oct. - World Day for Animals (World Animal Day)
2 Oct. - World Farm Animal Day
1 Oct. - Fire Pup Day

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Black Dog (and Cat) Syndrome

I've heard of the Black Dog/Cat Syndrome before.  This is where black dogs (usually larger, lab-sized) and cats, because of their black color, are the last animals to be picked out for adoption.  The theory goes that humans are drawn to lighter-colors, black animals' faces don't photograph well, plus old superstitions about black cats... so put those ideas together and black animals just aren't being taken home. 

Well, ABC news did a story yesterday on this and how a shelter in Raleigh, NC is combating this problem.  They are putting superhero capes on their black felines and having a 'blue-light special' to highlight their black dogs.  They're offering a discounted adoption rate in entice potential pet parents to look at their black boarders.

 It's a great article and worth a few moments of your time.  Great brainstorming on the shelter's part.  Here is a link to the story, enjoy. 

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thai Massage Therapist

Vante is apparently a Thai massage therapist in training.  My husband was giving me a massage last night when she decided I looked like a good place to sit down.  So she walked on my back, sat down and after several minutes (yes, several minutes) she decided to lay down.  I sent my husband to get the camera because it was just too funny. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Heart of a Warrior

Vante is so brave and fearless.  It's no wonder she reigned over her room at the Colonel's Barracks.  After almost three months of living with me and my husband, Vante is not afraid of the vacuum, and I think I've only busted it out a dozen times since she came to live with us.  I can actually vacuum within a foot of her and she won't move.  She'll just look at the vacuum and not move.  I find that amazing - Vante has the heart of a warrior. 

As for progress with her sisters that is painfully slow, but we're doing it for a reason.  Last time we tried to get her accustomed to them she ended up urinating all over the bed and we don't want that again.  (She lives in the guest bedroom and we want our guests to not be afraid to sleep there.)  So we're slowly letting all 3 cats spend time together but making sure that our other 2 cats don't go into her room.  That's her territory and we want it to stay that way.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Spirit

Besides yowling and hissing at her sisters, Vante is doing great.  She's even climbing on my shoulders.  The other day she was very interested in my ironing and the noise that the steam was making.  So much so, that she ended up on my shoulders while I ironed - weird and a bit awkward but she seemed to completely enjoy herself. 

Vante found some Halloween spirit earlier today and it wore her out, so she took a nap under my halloween quilt.  Ain't she a cutie!

We're still having a blast and I don't regret bringing Vante home to join our family. 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vante's Photo Diary

Vante is taking over the blog tonight and wanted to show you a quick cameo of her evening.  All these photos were taken within about three minutes.  It's no wonder that Vante had a postcard of "The 4 faces of Vante," she has a very expressive face.  Enjoy!

"Hi Mom!"

"Let me nap for 5 more minutes... k?"

"OK, I'm up.  What is up with the camera and the flash?  I don't appreciate it - I mean, seriously, I just woke up."

"Hey Paparazzi!  I'm trying to eat here."

"If looks could kill you would be pushing up daisies woman."

"This food is delicious.  Thanks for the noms."

**We have tons of photos of Vante but have yet to capture one of her Grumpy Old Lady face, and believe me, she definitely has one.  It makes me laugh every time I see it and unfortunately I never have a camera handy.  I'll share it with you as soon as I'm lucky enough to capture it.**

Monday, September 21, 2009

Vante's been busy

Followers, thanks for your patience.  I just finished up seven days of Air Force Reserve duty in California and wasn't able to keep up with my blog.  Don't fret though, my husband was taking good care of Vante.  (I missed her last week.)  So... on with the show and let's play a quick game of catch up.

Two weeks ago we had 4 adults, two children (5 and 2) and two Chinese Crested puppies join our household for the week.  Vante was moved from the guest room to the office and adjusted well.  When everybody was at the house it was wonderful chaos.  Vante didn't care for the puppies but she loved the attention and did great with the children.  Here's a photo of my 5-year-old niece playing with her.

Last week Vanted moved back into the guest room, she was constantly running in there anyway.

I was exhausted from my reserve duty and driving back from California late last night, so Vante and I took a nap together.  She curled up against my tummy - melting my heart.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Plays well with Children

We've had lots of family visiting this week, to include a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old.  Vante has been extremely good with them.  (I do want to say that they are very pet-friendly children and savvy.  Their mom is a vet, so that had a lot to do with it.)  I do want to give credit where credit is due. 

Vante let them pet, brush and play with her.  She was very patient and well-mannered.  At one point Vante was walking through the house and the 2-year-old would follow her and almost continuously pet her.  Vante didn't seem to mind.  I'm very, very proud of her.  I'll post photos shortly, thanks for your patience.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Exploring the Backyard

As summer begins to think about turning into fall the mornings have been nice and cool here in Las Vegas.  So I bought Vante her own harness and leash.  We've gone into the backyard twice now and she has really enjoyed it.  I'll write more later, but she doesn't mind the harness and loves the wind in her whiskers.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kitteh on the Keyboard

Vante has come so far.  She's no longer afraid of carpet, fans or the garbage disposal.  All three of those once sent her running for cover.  The carpet had her hiding in the bathtub for a few days, poor thing.  She still doesn't like the coffee bean grinder, but I don't even like that sound - it's hideous, but I must have my coffee.

She's sweetly unbearable when I'm computing.  Oftentimes she adds her own thoughts and ideas to my writing; meaning that she walks all over the keyboard.  She opens screens, closes them, she has taught me what the F11 key does and that you have to hit it again to get access to all the necessary options to do anything online.  She's taught me many things.

If you'll look above, she's helping me with her blog.  Her grumpy face is due to the flash... or maybe she doesn't approve of my latest posting and 2222222222222222222222222555555555

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shoulder Kitty

Vante is my little purr monster, but she's my husband's shoulder kitty. She refuses to climb on my shoulders but the second he's around she's on his shoulders like a mouse on cheese, or a cat on milk, which she adores. She even likes it mixed with Slim Fast, or in coffee, cereal or straight up. She's not too picky.

As for happenings in the past two weeks I've postponed posting this because it isn't good news, but she has peed on the bed numerous times. It just came to my attention last week - before I left for work. I had to throw the sheets in the laundry (I was late to work) and that night I had to wash the mattress cover, which thankfully did the job it was bought to do and protected the mattress.

Fallout: we're keeping the three girls separated more. When they're all out and about we keep a much closer eye on them. Trying to prevent Amelia from even getting in the doorway to Vante's room. We used our home carpet shampooer to clean the carpets to try to remove any smell or chance she relieved herself on the carpet. (We have company with small children coming next week to visit.)

I still adore Vante, she's my purr monster, and Steve's shoulder kitty.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tough Week

We've all had a long, hard week. All three of my cats have had the run of the house all night every night. Sometimes Vante spends the night with me and growls away the other cats and other times spends the night elsewhere in the house. Perhaps she is hunting down cockroaches.

I woke up Monday morning to find that she had left a bowel movement outside her litter box, but only about a foot away. I'm not sure what that was about.

Wednesday morning she got into a physical fight with my youngest cat, Callie Mae. I wouldn't have guessed those two would get into a fight because Callie Mae is so laid back but we all have a final straw. I heard growling, hissing and then 'screaming' and tumbling. Anyway, by the time I arrived on the scene Callie Mae was under the ottoman batting out at Vante and Miss V was hissing up a storm and batting right back at her. Thanks to both of their previous owners, neither of them has their front claws, so nobody was hurt.

Last night Miss V was so cute trying to hide underneath my quilt, but her tail and sometimes her hiney was sticking out. It was so adorable that I couldn't help but laugh.

Vante is such a good cuddler. Now if she could just learn to ignore her younger sisters our household would be much more calm and relaxed. I think it's just going to take time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vante the Spokeskitty

Once again Vante is proving to me just how famous she really is. Her face is on the poster for the Best Friends 'No More Homeless Pets' conference this fall, right here in Las Vegas! Ain't Vante a cutie pie?!

She spent 10 years at Best Friends, so it just goes to prove that there is a home out there for every cat, dog, bird, rabbit, and friendly 'beast'. Sometimes it just takes a while for the right human to come along that passes muster.

If you want to see it for yourself, go to this website: No More Homeless Pets Conference, the conference is October 23-25 at the Rio. (If you do go, I highly suggest going to see Penn & Teller. My husband and I enjoyed their show immensely last year.)

1--I left Vante, Amelia & Callie Mae alone and free-roaming the entire house for about two hours and all was well upon my return. They still hiss and all that jazz but no blood.
2--When Vante cries in the middle of the night for me to come to her (the bedroom door is open but she doesn't want to come to me) it sounds like she is saying "Hello" or "Hi." It's quite unnerving.
3--We've passed the 1 month mark!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Miss V loves to be brushed! She absolutely adores it and all I have to do is hold the brush and she brushes herself, well her face, cheeks and neck anyway. She is just so adorable when she does it. I often wonder if she's hurting herself because she's pushing so hard on the brush, but she's not. She just loves it. And I'm all too happy to oblige.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sleepover success

We had our first 'sleepover' last night where all the rooms in the house were left open for all the cats to move from room to room as they please. It went well enough.

Vante likes to cuddle on the bed at nighttime and unfortunately my other two cats like to be on the bed also. (Thank goodness we have a king size bed.) However, whenever one of my other cats would get on the bed or move, Vante would growl and wake me up. Needless to say I didn't sleep very well last night.

It was a success in the fact that there were no aggressive actions taken by any cat. Just some growling. So I'm immensely pleased.

To return to a previous blog subject - Amelia is STILL eating Vante's kitten chow. I haven't caught her in the act but I have noticed she isn't really eating her regular food. I'm going to have to think about how to remedy this situation. Any suggestions?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vante's Daily Routine

Vante has been with us for three weeks! The photo is of her newest hiding spot behind the TV Entertainment Center.

5:45 - breakfast of wet food and more dry kitten chow
6:05 - jump up on Ashley's lap for morning pets and scratches
6:15 - hang out in bathroom while Ashley gets ready for work
6:50 - go back into room for relaxation and napping

5:00 - suppertime
5:30-8:00 - relaxing, exploring the house and ignoring my sisters
7:00 - play with ribbon or some other toy
8:01 - while walking through house, I see my sister lounging and growl at her
8:03 - still growling off and on
8:04 - distracted by toys Ashley is throwing towards me
8:05 - TOYS!
(while the time may vary, the sequence is almost always the same)
9:00 - end up WAY too close to Amelia - lots of growling, posturing and hissing
9:02 - somebody ends up walking away or shooed away
10:00 - Ashley and sisters go to bed in their room and I get roam of the house
10:30 - paw at their bedroom door, Ashley comes out and brushes me and tells me goodnight one last time

midnight - paw at their bedroom door (be ignored)
3:30 - paw at their bedroom door and cry loudly
3:33 - Ashley finally opens the door and takes me to my bedroom for some pets, and puts me to bed
5:45 - start it all over again

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Continuing to progress

Vante has found the birds in the backyard! The other day she was 'chirping' at them and it was beyond adorable. She was clearly fascinated by them and spent several minutes watching them and enjoying their shenanigans. I'm guessing she was picking out the ones that were the yummiest. I'm encouraging her to go for the pigeons first, then the cowbirds. (Don't worry, she's just looking through the glass at them.)

She is eating well and we've finally gotten Amelia to stop eating her kitten chow. I had to place it on top of the desk that she frequents, knowing that Amelia won't have enough time to find it before she's caught.

Miss V spends lots of time in her room and only occasionally comes out. I wish she would hang out a bit more, but I don't want to push her outside her comfort zone. I've been letting her roam the house at night and she seems to enjoy it. At least until 3:30/4:30 a.m. when she begins pawing at my door and crying out for company, pets, scratches and love.

I truly think it's because she's lonely and is used to being around all the other cats all the time. If you think about it, that's a very drastic change for her. She's made so much progress and I think she'll continue to progress but it'll just take time. I've got lots of that and limitless love to shower upon her in the process. She's just awesome.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vante's Likes & Dislikes

Like… the kitty cat water fountain.
Dislike… Amelia trespassing into my kingdom and eating my food.
Like… the old cat bed bought years ago and used by many other cats.
Dislike… new cat bed bought just for me.
Like… having my own kingdom (room).
Dislike… closed doors.
Like… dumpster diving (by dumpster I mean trash can).
Dislike… hearing Momma Ashley say ‘Annnnh.’
Like… snuggling on the couch watching TV.
Dislike… fans, but I’m learning they’re ok.
Like… being brushed.
Dislike… coffee, although I tried it the other day. "Yech!"
Like… the string that’s on the cat fishing lines.
Dislike… the toys that are on the end of the string of the cat fishing lines.

Friday, July 31, 2009

To recap: Vante hasn't peed anywhere except her litter box. I haven't found any brown surprises in any shoes (thank-goodness). She has been a part of our family for 2 weeks and seems to enjoy her new life (but of course I'm sure she misses Ms Linda, Mr Mike and Mr Bob).

Vante seems to be getting along with one of her sisters, Callie Mae, just fine. They tend to ignore each other with the occasional hissing, but rather than me go on, here is a story: I unwrapped a late Birthday present and as I undo the long, long ribbon Vante goes into action. Teaching that ribbon a lesson or two about who is boss. She loves to bite and slobber all over dangly things. After several minutes of this she realizes that Callie has come within two feet of her and is also mesmerized by the ribbon. Hiss... ohhh, look, the ribbon is moving. Bite, bite, nom, nom... hiss... ohhhh, ribbon. After several times she is a bit tired and it's Callie's turn to play with the ribbon a while. Then Vante's turn. They've learned to tolerate each other enough to share!
*sniff, sniff* "I'm so proud. They're ready for kitty cat first grade."

As for Vante and Amelia that is a whole different story. I caught Amelia eating Vante's food earlier today (she is in the middle of a diet to lose at least 1 pound). So her eating Vante's kitten chow is a big problem. No wonder Vante hasn't warmed up to Amelia very much - she's stealing her food. I'll have to keep a closer eye on my 'little' cat pilferer.

Stay tuned... I'm working on a list of Vante's likes and dislikes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2 steps forward 1 step back

The photos are of Vante, sitting on her bed, staring out at Amelia & Callie. Then there's Amelia (black shorthair) and Callie Mae (dilute calico) sitting outside Vante's room - staring inside at her. This happens at least once, if not several times a day.

Vante and her new sister, Amelia, don't seem to be getting along. Amelia is just fascinated by Vante and wants to be near her and explore her room - Vante on the other hand wants none of that.

Within one hour this morning I found Amelia in Vante's room twice! The second time Vante was under the bed growling, then she moved out from under the bed - louder growling. At this point I stepped in and picked up Vante so Amelia could get out of the room. Vante yelled like a banshee! (Nobody was hurt; well maybe Amelia's feelings.)

This afternoon Vante was helping me surf the internet and Amelia came in the room. More growling, a little hissing, same story second verse. I picked up Vante and took her to her room. I closed the door and low and behold Amelia was at my ankles trying to get in the room with Vante.

She just wants to be Vante's friend and sister - I've tried to tell Vante that but she just wants to be a grumpy old lady about it and be left alone. I'll keep telling Amelia that too. We'll just have to see how this plays out.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Earlier I was walking from our bedroom to the kitchen and Vante was crouched down on the cardboard scratching pad by the fireplace. All I saw was her back and front right paw and I almost had a heart attack.

I don't know if you do this but I walk through the house and identify objects and make mental notes like "Awww, Amelia" or "Callie is so cute" or "I need to water that ivy."

Anyway, so walking from the bedroom to the kitchen I saw a cat on the scratching pad and the thought that passed through my mind was "Hey Cocky" and my heart literally skipped a beat. I had to turn and do a double take. At a glance from the back Vante looks JUST like Cocky, my first cat. Eerily so.

(I got Cocky when I was 4 or 5 years old and she lived until she was 18 or 19. She passed away about 5 years ago. She was named after the Univ. of South Carolina Mascot, Cocky.)

I have a feeling I'll be doing double-takes again. I've just never seen Vante from the back like that; she's always turned around when I was coming. I guess she's getting more comfortable, but that was a strange experience.

By the way, any suggestions about how to introduce Vante to vacuum cleaners?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

14 going on 4

Vante really does seem to be adjusting well. Yesterday we were discussing how for a 14-year-old cat she really doesn't act her age. She's been running around, playing with catnip sardines and the best way to describe her actions is frolicking. Last night she watched the TV show "Numbers" with me.

Miss V is eating well and has figured out the water fountain. When we let her out of her bedroom every morning the first thing she does is go and get some fresh water.

She enjoys getting brushed and if we're not brushing her where she wants she will mover her head and manipulate the brush to where she wants it. She's a smart girl. We even think she may have figured out mirrors; she'll watch us wave in the mirror then turn around and stare at us. I wonder if she has 60 whiskers. (Reference to The Cat Who books, which is a great series of cat murder mystery if anybody is looking for a good read. They're written By Lilian Jackson Braun.)

I hope you're enjoying the updates. The photo is of Vante on our bed and Callie Mae is behind her falling asleep in her cat bed.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drinking Problem

Last night Vante roamed the house with my husband while my two other cats stayed in the bedroom with me. Apparently Vante was fascinated by our cat drinking fountain. However, every time she tried to drink from it she ended up with water on her ear and would have to stop drinking to shake her head and dry off. Poor girl, she apparently did this several times and never did get the hang of it.

Vante has been roaming the house almost all day. She'll go back into her bedroom when she's tired and hang out but has had free roam of the house and we're without incidents. Amelia went into Vante's room while she was under the bed and sniffed about - no issues.

We're currently fight, poop and pee free!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Vante has been out and about in the Norris household several times now and we're quite happy with her reaction, or lack thereof, to Callie Mae & Amelia (her two cat sisters). There has been a little hissing but no batting or physical interaction. Vante usually just looks like she's not interested and walks away. The fact that she was living around ~25 other cats probably helps her not care too much about my two cats.

She loves exploring, getting brushed and petted. She has quite a motor too!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Please be a Hairball

I hope it was a hairball... but I'm not quite sure. I found it on the middle of the floor last night and it seems to be her only indiscretion, so I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Vante is really flourishing. She's enjoying sleeping under the bed and almost always comes out the second we get in the room. She is eager to get out of the room but is only doing so under strict supervision.

One issue is that she doesn't like fans and hides when they are on. We have fans in almost every big room in our house, so we're going to slowly have to work through this issue.

She has seen her sisters, but still hasn't met them personally. For the most part all cats seem to be ok with the other. I'm hopeful.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beyond the Bathroom

Well, around 8:30 p.m. last night Vante left the 'comforts' of the bathroom and ventured out into the bedroom all on her own. Within two hours she was walking or running around the room like she owned it.

Since then she has taken a quick lap around the great room before bedtime and right now she's with me in our home office exploring.

She's learning about fans and ceiling lights and beds. She's adjusting quite well but we don't quite think she's ready to meet her little sisters. They need to sniff each other through the door a little more and get used to each other's smell.

Vante was quite vocal during her two nights at Casa Norris. My mom spent the first night with her and she cried a bit. Last night I spent a couple of hours with her sleeping and she was good but when I left to sleep in my own bed she cried a bit. Poor baby, but I just couldn't stay with her; my neck is killing me today from sleeping on a different bed.

She's a sweetheart and Steve and I are truly enjoying her company.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

First 24 hours in new home

Welcome to Vante's Blog. She is a celebrity and known by many and I want to keep her fans and Best Friends family updated on her progress. So, read and enjoy!

On Friday, July 17, 2009 Vante came to her new home in Las Vegas. I, Ashley, am now Vante's proud 'new' mother and am very excited to have her join our little family. My family consists of my husband, Steve and my two other cat daughters, Amelia and Callie Mae (both 6 years old). We've known Vante since mid-February and after much discussion decided that she would be the perfect addition to our family.

Vante is living in our spare bedroom so that she can adjust to home life before being fully introduced to our two other cats. Upon being let out of her carrier she inspected the room and decided she liked the area behind the toilet. She wasn't scared, she let us pet her and she was purring, but she was just very content behind the toilet. Several hours later she decided to move to the bathtub and she spent the night and so far most of the day in the bathtub. (She did use the litter box last night.)

Since she's spending all her time in the bathtub, we have cat beds in there, we've given her wet food as well as her kitten chow in the tub. First and foremost we want her to eat and stay healthy. She's constantly peeking out of the tub and trying to see in to the bedroom, so it's only a matter of time before she expands her world beyond the bathtub. We go in and spend time with her frequently and pet, scratch and love on her and in return she purrs like there's no tomorrow. What a sweetie - we are so lucky!

Steve is napping in the bedroom with Vante now in the hope that she'll feel more comfortable. Vante has definitely made some connections with men in her lifetime, like Bob and Mike in Colonel's Barracks at Best Friends. She seems to have a bit of a favoritism towards men but she truly does love everybody.

As Vante progresses I will keep the blog updated. Enjoy!