Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Harness Snafu

We had an exciting event two days ago.  I put Vante into her harness and we went to explore the back yard.  After maybe 5-10 minutes Vante said it was too cold so we came inside.  This is the 'exciting' part.  While I was helping Vante out of her harness she tried to get away and got her right leg through the neck hole. 

My father and I loosened the harness as much as possible but we had no luck getting her unstuck.  We fidgeted with that silly harness for maybe 5 minutes and we tried our best to get her leg back through the hole but it wasn't happening. 

During this Vante was less than amused.  She was quite vocal about her unhappiness and even tried to bite me once (her heart wasn't in it--she didn't even break skin).  So, finally I cut the harness off of her and Vante ran away, quite pleased that her ordeal was over. 

Since then we've been painting our house and she's found it absolutely fascinating.  All the furniture has been moved, the Christmas decorations have been put away and long-lost cat toys have been rediscovered under the fridge and chairs.  Here is a photo of Vante helping my father paint.  She's an excellent assistant and didn't get any paint on her tail, toes or whiskers (thank-goodness).

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