Monday, November 16, 2009


I had a pile of nicely stacked coupons on the floor from last Sunday's newspaper and little Miss V couldn't fight off the temptation.  She rolled and played in them until she became discounted herself.  She's so goofy!

(The photo was taken with an iPhone, so I apologize about the poor photo quality.)

Miss V is doing good and we're using a pheromone diffuser in her room to try to get her to chill out around her little sisters.  We've painted her room and she was intrigued by the furniture movement and fascinating new things I brought into the house to paint. 

She continues to burrow into blankets for naps.  Several times I've done a full house searches recently.  Finally I would go back into her room, nudget the blanket with my finger and finally hear a protesting meow.  She was curled into an impossibly tiny Vante-ball  underneath her favorite blanket every time.  Melting her momma's heart. 


  1. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have found this blog.

    I visited Best Friends several years ago and Vante was one of my favorites. So much so that I went to Mississippi to volunteer after Hurrican Katrina, brought back some kittens to the shelter where I volunteer and I named the little Calico Vante in honor of my favorite Best Friends cat. As I type I'm looking at a picture that I keep here in my office of Vante perched on my shoulder.

    A friend on Facebook mentioned that she was going to Best Friends and I asked her to check on Vante and someone else commented that she had been adopted. So, I googled Vante and "Best Friends" and found your blog. Sometimes the internet truly is a wonderful thing.

    Thank you so much for giving that beautiful girl such a wonderful home. And thanks for letting me share in her new life.


  2. Ashley, I still miss the little bugger! Give her some loves for me and Mike. Maybe next time I am in Vegas I can stop by and see her. Linda

  3. And Andrea, I work in Vante's former home, Colonel's Barracks. If you have any questions about any other cats, let me know.