Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beyond the Bathroom

Well, around 8:30 p.m. last night Vante left the 'comforts' of the bathroom and ventured out into the bedroom all on her own. Within two hours she was walking or running around the room like she owned it.

Since then she has taken a quick lap around the great room before bedtime and right now she's with me in our home office exploring.

She's learning about fans and ceiling lights and beds. She's adjusting quite well but we don't quite think she's ready to meet her little sisters. They need to sniff each other through the door a little more and get used to each other's smell.

Vante was quite vocal during her two nights at Casa Norris. My mom spent the first night with her and she cried a bit. Last night I spent a couple of hours with her sleeping and she was good but when I left to sleep in my own bed she cried a bit. Poor baby, but I just couldn't stay with her; my neck is killing me today from sleeping on a different bed.

She's a sweetheart and Steve and I are truly enjoying her company.


  1. I really miss her! Sammie's is just not the same without her! What am I saying?!? The Colonel's is not the same without her! I'm soooo glad that she has a home of her own now though. Give her a big kiss for me!