Saturday, July 18, 2009

First 24 hours in new home

Welcome to Vante's Blog. She is a celebrity and known by many and I want to keep her fans and Best Friends family updated on her progress. So, read and enjoy!

On Friday, July 17, 2009 Vante came to her new home in Las Vegas. I, Ashley, am now Vante's proud 'new' mother and am very excited to have her join our little family. My family consists of my husband, Steve and my two other cat daughters, Amelia and Callie Mae (both 6 years old). We've known Vante since mid-February and after much discussion decided that she would be the perfect addition to our family.

Vante is living in our spare bedroom so that she can adjust to home life before being fully introduced to our two other cats. Upon being let out of her carrier she inspected the room and decided she liked the area behind the toilet. She wasn't scared, she let us pet her and she was purring, but she was just very content behind the toilet. Several hours later she decided to move to the bathtub and she spent the night and so far most of the day in the bathtub. (She did use the litter box last night.)

Since she's spending all her time in the bathtub, we have cat beds in there, we've given her wet food as well as her kitten chow in the tub. First and foremost we want her to eat and stay healthy. She's constantly peeking out of the tub and trying to see in to the bedroom, so it's only a matter of time before she expands her world beyond the bathtub. We go in and spend time with her frequently and pet, scratch and love on her and in return she purrs like there's no tomorrow. What a sweetie - we are so lucky!

Steve is napping in the bedroom with Vante now in the hope that she'll feel more comfortable. Vante has definitely made some connections with men in her lifetime, like Bob and Mike in Colonel's Barracks at Best Friends. She seems to have a bit of a favoritism towards men but she truly does love everybody.

As Vante progresses I will keep the blog updated. Enjoy!

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  1. Welcome Vante! I can't wait to meet you! Your cousins, Smokey and Princess, say meow.