Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vante's Christmas

Vante's first Christmas with us was a lot of fun.  Extra food and treats flowed like milk and honey to the birds, cats and humans in the house.  Vante spent most of the morning curled up in a sunny spot on her window ledge.  However Christmas evening she was out and about exploring the wrapping paper that was everywhere.  She found an excellent nook and relaxed for a while. 

As for Christmas presents, Vante got some cat milk, ribbons, a cat scratcher, treats and toys.  And of course  all of the wrapping paper and bows were just as exciting as her presents.  It was a very good Christmas.


  1. So glad to see her! I can't tell you how much I loved visiting Vante when I went to Best Friends and how wonderful it is to know that now she has home of her own. She looks GREAT!

  2. Sophie,
    I'm glad that you checked up on Vante. I know she brought many smiles to Best Friends visitors and staff. But these days she brings an abundance of smiles and laughs to my husband and I. (We count ourselves very lucky.) Thanks and have a safe and happy New Years!