Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adoption Finalized

Vante is now Vante Norris!

Last week I emailed back and forth with Mark from the cat adoption center at Best Friends and we decided to make Vante's adoption final.  Today Lezlie came and picked up the paperwork, so Vante is now officially adopted!

I was given a lot of advice and warning before I took Vante home.  I think everybody loves Vante & wanted to make sure I knew what was in store when I took her home.  That is why I originally went with the foster to adopt option.  I wasn't sure how things would go with my other two cats.  And while Vante may be grumpy and have difficulty playing with others, she's OUR grumpy girl and home to stay.  I would miss her terribly if she left. 

We both love this rotten little girl who jumps up on the counter, is a messy eater, walks across the keyboard, and plays on (and with) my quilting fabric.  Every morning and night when she curls up in a ball on our laps and purrs up a storm, meling our hearts. She's home to stay.


  1. Welcome to the family! I can't wait to meet you at Christmas! Do you have your list to Santa written yet?

  2. Is your sister, Amelia, going to be a skunk for Halloween? All she needs is a white stripe...And Callie Mae...what will she be for Halloween?