Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving update

Ladies & Gentlemen,
I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of turkey, pumpkin pie, family, friends and furry four-legged friends. My husband and I spent Thanksgiving in San Diego exploring the Zoo, Wild Animal Park and Sea World, which were amazing. 

We took our two young cats with us since one of them was finishing a regimine of pills.  (Vante says hello. --> hbghbhbbhgvfdrdeddc)  Vante spent Thanksgiving w/the whole house to herself and with lots of love and care from our cat-sitter.  She enjoyed a feast of Turkey and Giblets on Thanksgiving (Friskies-style).

Christmas will be very different since we'll be staying home and family will be visiting us.  Vante is going to adore all the attention, laps and ribbon-chasing.  As you see she's already looking forward to Christmas and all the trouble and chaos she can cause. 

Can't you just see how excited she is - her enthusiasm is contagious.  It's rolling off of her like clouds (storm clouds).

This will be Vante's first Christmas celebration in 10 years away from Best Friends.  I'm going to do my best to make her love and enjoy every minute. 

We'll have to make sure to send lots of love and prayers for her 'friends' that she left behind at Colonel's Barracks and at Best Friends.  I'm sorry that I couldn't bring all of them home but I am truly grateful that I was able to bring Vante home with me.  While she has proven to be a challenge, I love her dearly.  She's curled up and taken residence on my lap and in my heart. 

I hope each and every one of you have your own four-legged friends that bring you such joy and happiness. 
Merry Christmas!
-Ashley & Vante

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  1. All of Colonel's Barracks missed Vante this Christmas...well maybe not all the cats, but the caregivers, for sure! I'm so glad that she is such a happy girl! Way to go Ashley! But no more t-shirts please! HAHA!