Saturday, October 10, 2009

Black Dog (and Cat) Syndrome

I've heard of the Black Dog/Cat Syndrome before.  This is where black dogs (usually larger, lab-sized) and cats, because of their black color, are the last animals to be picked out for adoption.  The theory goes that humans are drawn to lighter-colors, black animals' faces don't photograph well, plus old superstitions about black cats... so put those ideas together and black animals just aren't being taken home. 

Well, ABC news did a story yesterday on this and how a shelter in Raleigh, NC is combating this problem.  They are putting superhero capes on their black felines and having a 'blue-light special' to highlight their black dogs.  They're offering a discounted adoption rate in entice potential pet parents to look at their black boarders.

 It's a great article and worth a few moments of your time.  Great brainstorming on the shelter's part.  Here is a link to the story, enjoy. 

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