Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Drinking Problem

Last night Vante roamed the house with my husband while my two other cats stayed in the bedroom with me. Apparently Vante was fascinated by our cat drinking fountain. However, every time she tried to drink from it she ended up with water on her ear and would have to stop drinking to shake her head and dry off. Poor girl, she apparently did this several times and never did get the hang of it.

Vante has been roaming the house almost all day. She'll go back into her bedroom when she's tired and hang out but has had free roam of the house and we're without incidents. Amelia went into Vante's room while she was under the bed and sniffed about - no issues.

We're currently fight, poop and pee free!


  1. Does Vante talk to the birds like her cousin Princess does?

  2. She hasn't really gotten into bird watching yet. She hasn't been relaxing in the living room, which is where the windows are to the bird feeders. I'm sure in a couple more weeks she'll be an avid bird watcher.