Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shoulder Kitty

Vante is my little purr monster, but she's my husband's shoulder kitty. She refuses to climb on my shoulders but the second he's around she's on his shoulders like a mouse on cheese, or a cat on milk, which she adores. She even likes it mixed with Slim Fast, or in coffee, cereal or straight up. She's not too picky.

As for happenings in the past two weeks I've postponed posting this because it isn't good news, but she has peed on the bed numerous times. It just came to my attention last week - before I left for work. I had to throw the sheets in the laundry (I was late to work) and that night I had to wash the mattress cover, which thankfully did the job it was bought to do and protected the mattress.

Fallout: we're keeping the three girls separated more. When they're all out and about we keep a much closer eye on them. Trying to prevent Amelia from even getting in the doorway to Vante's room. We used our home carpet shampooer to clean the carpets to try to remove any smell or chance she relieved herself on the carpet. (We have company with small children coming next week to visit.)

I still adore Vante, she's my purr monster, and Steve's shoulder kitty.

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