Saturday, September 4, 2010

Clicker Training - By George I think she's got it!

Great news - I got Vante to follow me around the house as I was clicking and giving her treats.  I would walk 5-15 feet away, click, put down a treat and she ran over (EVERY TIME).  The thing that really give me hope is that on the last click, Tucker started to paw at his door, she turned her head towards him, then ran over to the treat.  Now that's progress.

Today, by necessity I ran across this little gem - I put them within eyesight of each other and click and give them both a treat.  I did this twice and am going to remain optimistic and continue this line of good things happening in each other's presence.


Friday, September 3, 2010


I know this is Vante's blog but I wanted to share this important household event. My sister-in-law's dog, Ginger, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday evening. She's in a much better place and is finally out of pain. Many thanks to our compassionate vet and the staff of Creature Comforts. She is greatly missed. 

Clicker training is going well enough. I'm doing it with all four cats, but as for Vante, I can't do too much training and give her too many treats because of her special diet. So I'm working with what I've got and hope that in a few days if she hears the clicker, that she'll turn her head. Right now she still ignores it.

But patience... I must be like a tortise.