Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vante's Daily Routine

Vante has been with us for three weeks! The photo is of her newest hiding spot behind the TV Entertainment Center.

5:45 - breakfast of wet food and more dry kitten chow
6:05 - jump up on Ashley's lap for morning pets and scratches
6:15 - hang out in bathroom while Ashley gets ready for work
6:50 - go back into room for relaxation and napping

5:00 - suppertime
5:30-8:00 - relaxing, exploring the house and ignoring my sisters
7:00 - play with ribbon or some other toy
8:01 - while walking through house, I see my sister lounging and growl at her
8:03 - still growling off and on
8:04 - distracted by toys Ashley is throwing towards me
8:05 - TOYS!
(while the time may vary, the sequence is almost always the same)
9:00 - end up WAY too close to Amelia - lots of growling, posturing and hissing
9:02 - somebody ends up walking away or shooed away
10:00 - Ashley and sisters go to bed in their room and I get roam of the house
10:30 - paw at their bedroom door, Ashley comes out and brushes me and tells me goodnight one last time

midnight - paw at their bedroom door (be ignored)
3:30 - paw at their bedroom door and cry loudly
3:33 - Ashley finally opens the door and takes me to my bedroom for some pets, and puts me to bed
5:45 - start it all over again

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