Thursday, October 8, 2009

Heart of a Warrior

Vante is so brave and fearless.  It's no wonder she reigned over her room at the Colonel's Barracks.  After almost three months of living with me and my husband, Vante is not afraid of the vacuum, and I think I've only busted it out a dozen times since she came to live with us.  I can actually vacuum within a foot of her and she won't move.  She'll just look at the vacuum and not move.  I find that amazing - Vante has the heart of a warrior. 

As for progress with her sisters that is painfully slow, but we're doing it for a reason.  Last time we tried to get her accustomed to them she ended up urinating all over the bed and we don't want that again.  (She lives in the guest bedroom and we want our guests to not be afraid to sleep there.)  So we're slowly letting all 3 cats spend time together but making sure that our other 2 cats don't go into her room.  That's her territory and we want it to stay that way.

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