Saturday, July 25, 2009

14 going on 4

Vante really does seem to be adjusting well. Yesterday we were discussing how for a 14-year-old cat she really doesn't act her age. She's been running around, playing with catnip sardines and the best way to describe her actions is frolicking. Last night she watched the TV show "Numbers" with me.

Miss V is eating well and has figured out the water fountain. When we let her out of her bedroom every morning the first thing she does is go and get some fresh water.

She enjoys getting brushed and if we're not brushing her where she wants she will mover her head and manipulate the brush to where she wants it. She's a smart girl. We even think she may have figured out mirrors; she'll watch us wave in the mirror then turn around and stare at us. I wonder if she has 60 whiskers. (Reference to The Cat Who books, which is a great series of cat murder mystery if anybody is looking for a good read. They're written By Lilian Jackson Braun.)

I hope you're enjoying the updates. The photo is of Vante on our bed and Callie Mae is behind her falling asleep in her cat bed.


  1. I L-O-V-E the updates! Keep them coming. Sammie's room is just not the same. Give her a kiss and tell her I miss her. LindaBo

  2. I talk to Vante about Miss Linda, Mr. Mike, Mr. Bob and Mr. Richard all the time.

    Wasn't Baxter getting adopted this week? Has he gone to his new home yet?

  3. I like the picture... too bad all of the stuff from my flight suit is on the bed. Hooray packing!