Sunday, October 11, 2009

Celebrate Squirrel Awareness Week

Apparently this is squirrel awareness week.  In an effort to educate and make Vante more aware of squirrels we explored the backyard again last night.  However, we do live in Las Vegas and our biggest tree is the size of my wrist.  So, after 5 minutes of no squirrels, chipmunks, or even mice (thank-goodness), she decided she was good and ready to go inside and walked herself to the back door.  Maybe we'll have squirrels at our next house Vante... 

There are several important dates coming up...
16 Oct. - National Feral Cat Day
For more information and ideas on how to celebrate go to: National Feral Cat Day
23-25 Oct. - No More Homeless Pets National Conference (Vante is their poster-cat)
To register online go to: No More Homeless Pets National Conference

On the silly side...
This week is squirrel awareness week.
Next week is Wildlife week.
21 Oct. - Reptile Awareness Day
26 Oct. - Mule Day

And sorry to say we missed celebrating...
4 Oct. - World Day for Animals (World Animal Day)
2 Oct. - World Farm Animal Day
1 Oct. - Fire Pup Day

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