Thursday, August 8, 2013

10 Days Traveling Cross Country: Day 7

This was a crazy day of driving.  We went through 4 states & drove for 11 hours, and that's not including stops!  So let's get started, I'm tired just remembering this marathon driving day.

We spent the morning driving through Iowa.  Lots of corn.  
 Mid-day we began our trek through Illinois.  No photo op since the state line is on a bridge due to the Mississippi River.
 The Indiana state line was beautiful with the tall grasses.  Quite possibly my favorite photo yet. 
We left Indiana and crossed into Ohio around 10 p.m.  Due to the fact that it was night and also another state line that you can't take a photo at, we got creative with this photo.  (Special thanks to Ed for lending his expertise for this photo.)
We ended Day 7 in Cincinnati.  Exhausted but happy. 

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