Sunday, August 4, 2013

10 Days Traveling Cross Country: Day 4

On Day 4 we explored Yellowstone and left Vante in the hotel room to catch up on her sleep. 

Elk (only 2 in this photo, we didn't get a photo of the herd)
Yellowstone is beautiful and actually quite smelly from all the sulphur.  I've been to Yellowstone before during the Winter, and I saw more wildlife then than on this trip.  We did see 2 moose, a few bison, deer, and herds of elk. 
This bison was walking down the other side of the road uphill.  He was just a few feet away from me & HUGE!  There was a huge line of cars behind him and he was oblivious. 
Morning Glory Hot Spring
We even caught a photo of the ever elusive Outback!  J/K  This is my new car & Vante's ride.  Subarus & RVs were EVERYWHERE in Yellowstone.  You couldn't throw a rock without hitting one & bouncing off the other.
I can't include them all, but there are lots of waterfalls, hot springs, fumeroles (pits that emit smoke), & mud pits in Yellowstones.  It's an amazing place to hike, or even just drive your car around & see the generic tourist sites.  I highly recommend making at least a 3- or 4-day trip of it.

Don't worry, there will be several Vante photos on Day 5's blog!

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