Saturday, August 3, 2013

10 Day Traveling Cross Country: Day 3

We hit two states on Day 3: Idaho & Montana!  We left Ogden, Utah and spent the night in West Yellowstone.  
This was an interstate sign & the construction workers stopped to watch our photo session. 
Then we saw this Idaho sign & had to stop & take more photos.  We crossed the Continental Divide!!

We checked into our hotel around 3 p.m. and settled Vante down.  Then we went to explore Yellowstone.  It was a win-win because Vante was able to catch up on some lost sleep and we were able to leave the car, walk around, and see some sights without worrying about her. 

Pillow Fort!
Here are a few out-takes.  Vante would go from being a ham for the camera to 'DONE' in seconds.  

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