Monday, August 12, 2013

10 Days Traveling Cross Country: Day 10

We left Ohio around mid-day and headed south for a final day of travel to our final destination of South Carolina!  Woo Hoo!

As we left Ohio we entered Kentucky and even better than a road sign, we got a photo of Vante at the FIRST Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant! She was very interested in the smells. 

By this time Vante was used to us carrying her around outside the car.  After our photos she totally relaxed in my arms.  What a pro!  
For this part of the trip we had lost our co-pilots and it was just Vante and I in the car.  She took full advantage of the passenger seat and spread out for her naps.   During a particularly boring and unpopulated part of our drive I snapped this quick photo of Vante racked out with her leg propped up.  (She's so stinking cute!)

Then we were off again and entered Tennessee a few miles later.  We missed the road sign.
Then we hit the North Carolina state line and we stopped at the sign but I refused to get out of the car.  It just wasn't safe for me to tote Vante out there in that itty bitty shoulder.  So we made up for it by stopping at the North Carolina welcome center and got this great photo of Miss V!
Several hours later we said goodbye to NC and entered our final state on this trip--South Carolina!!!
We finished our drive around 12:30 a.m. that morning.  We were all happy to get out of our cars and get some shut-eye.  So, after 10 days of travel and 16 states we can finally call our journey complete.

I did some digging and highlighted in pink are all of the states that Vante has visited.  That's 21 states in 4 years!  She's a well traveled girl!

Here's the list:
Arizona--she went on a weekend trip out there
California--she visited my USAF reserve unit out there multiple times



Minnesota--layover for our trip to Alaska
Nevada--2009-2013 she lived there
North Carolina

Virginia--Vante and my husband went there while I was in Afghanistan

South Carolina--2013 to present, her new home state!
South Dakota
Utah--Best Friends Animal Society for 10 years
Washington State--layover for our trip home from Alaska

As we settle into our new home I'll take photos and share. 

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