Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vante Chillaxaing

It's 4 days until Vante's treatment.  She hasn't had any hyperthyroid medicine since Tuesday morning; it's been nice not having to worry about her medicine twice a day.  I think she appreciates not having to take it also. 

Here are a few photos of Vante being her ornery, cute self.  Enjoy & have a great weekend!
Everybody loves a good box!

Auntie Marie came to visit & couldn't resist putting toys all over Vante.  (My husband does this to all our cats quite often.)  Vante just laid there and let Marie do this.  She was quite content and happy.

This is Vante's morning nap spot.  The tunnel gets good sun exposure.

Vante is waiting at the top of the stairs for my husband to come home. 

I was reading a new quilting book and Vante decided to read it with me.

Ain't she a cutie pie!

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