Wednesday, April 3, 2013

6 Days Until I131

I got a call yesterday from the vet tech at the I131 clinic.  Vante is approved for treatment on Tuesday, April 9th.  The doctor wasn't able to look at her file until this week and he has to approve every single cat for the treatment before they will schedule them.

So Vante is approved and we have stopped all thyroid medicine.

When I bring her in Tuesday morning I have to take all her medical paperwork and the CD with her x-rays in it.

They'll call me the day after treatment to give me an update and let me know if they anticipate Vante going home on Thursday or having to stay until Friday.  The tech said that she has only ever seen 1 cat have to stay until Friday.  If I understood correctly, then they have to make sure that enough contaminated waste has come out of the cat to let it go home.  I guess they weigh the litterboxes, I'm not really sure on that point & will get some clarification.

Once Vante gets home, then for 10 days she can't:
-go outside
-be around anybody who is pregnant or wanting to get pregnant
-be around anybody under 18
-sleep with humans
-I must wear gloves to clean her litterbox, which I must clean every time I see that she has used it & dispose of it outside the house.
-When I pet her, I have to wash my hands before I drink, eat, or put my hands around my face/mouth.
-If she throws up, I have to put on gloves and clean & dispose of it immediately outside the house.
-I have to thoroughly clean the counters before cooking since she has been getting on the kitchen counters lately.

I'll be getting a whole handout on what to do & not do following treatment.  She just hurriedly told me all this over the phone but reassured me we would cover it more thoroughly next Thursday.

Also, 30 days after treatment I'll have to take her to my regular vet to get her thyroid re-tested to ensure success.
Vante's Double-Rainbow!

On April 11, 2013 this post was edited to correct a mistake.  The radioactive iodine treatment is called I131, not R131.  Thanks Billi for catching my mistake!

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