Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let the Kitty Kissing Commence

When I woke up Saturday morning, Vante's 10 day post-treatment restrictions were lifted!  So you know what that means... she was smoothered with kisses Saturday, all day.  I'm not sure she appreciated the intense kitty cuddling, but I sure did!

It was also nice to not have to wash my hands after I pet her every time.  I had to invest heavily in hand lotion to survive.

I'm also VERY happy to report that Vante isn't limping anymore.  So whew!  No trip to the vet over a hurt hip/knee/ankle. 

It's been very nice not to worry about giving her pills every morning and night.  I'm completely enjoying that and I know she is also. 

I was sick this week with a pretty bad neck and back ache.  So she and I got our quilt on.  Here she is offering up her opinion on a quilt lay-out.  I took her sitting upon the corner, as the equivalent of a kitty thumbs-up. 
Vantedecided that this quilt needed some work.  It did not meet her exacting standards.  So I pulled some blocks and it's still in progress.  Hopefully she'll approve of the next iteration. 

She also watched a little TV with me and 'helped' me surf the web.

The folks at the Feline Hyperthyroid Treatment Center gave Vante an adorable pink mousie as a parting gift.  She enjoyed playing with it immensely.  We may have a new favorite mousie toy!

Vante says thank-you for the mousie Bobbi.  She loves it! 

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