Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vante's goes to the Vet

This morning Vante went to her first Vet appointment with me here in Las Vegas. Here are the details:

-Her bloodwork looked great.

-She needs to have her teeth cleaned and we'll schedule that in a few weeks.

-They gave her a vaccine she needed, so she's up to date on everything.

-She has crystals in her urine but no stones or infection.  This means that the pH in her urine is off, so they've put her on a special diet that should fix the problem.  It will take a few weeks to work and she'll have to eat this special food for the rest of her life. 

This explains why she would urinate where she slept - she had to go quite frequently apparently. 

While crystals in her urine isn't good news, it isn't bad either.  This means that she wasn't urinating on the bed to mark her territory, she was just having trouble holding it.  It's a medical issue, not a behavioral issue.  Now that is good news.  Soon we'll be a happily integrated household with three cats - I can't wait.

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