Friday, May 7, 2010

Kitty in the Mirror

I was sewing with a friend this morning and realized I hadn't seen Vante in about an hour.  So, after a search of the house I happened to hear a strange noise in the guest bedroom. 
~not under the bed~
~not under the quilts on the chair~
Then I heard the noise again coming from the closet.  I pull aside some bridesmaid dresses to see Vante staring and growling at herself in the mirror.  She had apparently been at it for a while because she was laying down growling at that annoying cat in the mirror.

I just wanted to laugh, and snuggle with her all at once.  Poor girl, but she did it to herself.  This is a prime example of how much she detests other cats. Don't worry, I removed the 'offending' cat and put it where she can't find it again. 

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