Sunday, May 9, 2010

Clean Bill of Health

Happy Mother's Day!  I got my present in the form of a cuddling nap from Vante.  IMMD.

Miss V went to her doctor this morning and got a clean bill of health.  No crystals in her urine, looks, feels and definitely sounds healthy (she was quite talkative had a few opinions to share with her vet).

So we're cleared to proceed with the behavior specialist from Dumb Friends Animal League.  YEAH!

Friday they emailed me some literature to read and one was titled, "Nothing in Life is Free" and it's about making your cat do things to get privileges.  For example, my other two cats have to let me put their collar on them and kiss them before they can go into the back yard.  They have to pay the price to go outside.  I've decided that Vante will have to sit before I let her out of her room.  I'm going to use positive reinforcement and food treats. 

It's never too late to teach an old cat new tricks, right?!  Wish me luck!

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