Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vante's Teeth Cleaning

Vante had her teeth cleaned yesterday and it went very well.  She didn't have any cavities or issues, so no extractions were necessary.  They checked her urine and the prescription diet is helping - no more crystals in her urine!

Now, Miss V threw around some not nice meows on her way to and from the doctor.  She's not a fan of car rides or cat carriers (or as she calls them Kitty Prisons).  I tried to calm her during the drive but I don't think she appreciated my singing or trying to explain that this was in her best interest.  I think she called me a liar. 

Oh well.  She's good for another 6 months.  :)

FYI--my article about the trip to Haiti, and a few photos, are up on the March ARB website.  Check it out!

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