Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Vante helped me make some cookies last night for the guys at my husband's work.  When I was using the hand mixer she became very curious and every few minutes I had to pick her up and show her what I was doing.  At one point she got up on her hind legs and reached as high as she could with her front paws to get my attention.  She just loved me holding her and showing her the cooking.  Vante's my little sous chef!

We didn't do anything special to celebrate Valentine's Day - just hung out.  Vante got her normal dose of lap, pets, food and kisses.

The integration process is going well.  All three cats were out and about for 2 hours and there was mostly just a lot of staring and of course growling and a few hisses.  Overall it was quite tame compared to what I've seen in the past.  I'm pleased.  We'll continue with this process, working up to several hours at a time.  I still think that I will keep all 3 girls completely separated during feeding time.  With Vante's special dietary need I can't chance her eating the regular food.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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