Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Vante had a great Christmas! 

She started off early and terrorized her little sisters by swatting at them unnecessarily. 

After a 30 minute time-out in her room she was allowed out again & we opened presents.  She was fascinated by the whole ordeal, as always.  She loved the wrapping paper but the bows & ribbons are where it's at for this little Torbi-tude.  She sniffed the bows, tried to chew on them but really sank her teeth into the ribbons & strings that decorated the presents.  Luckily nothing except for food was ingested Christmas day to the best of our knowledge. 

We tried to capture her spirit in these photos to share with you, but as you can see, she's a free spirit.  The camera just can't keep up with her!

So please excuse the bits of blur and the amature camera skills that I possess.  Just understand that Vante had a great Christmas w/lots of cat treats, balls, cat-nip playthings and warm spots to lay in. 
Biting the Kong Kickaroo; I have a feeling it's going to be a favorite!

She just can't resist the shiny bows & ribbons.

After an attempted ribbon nomming session, we managed to tame the Torbi for a few seconds.

Probably trying to decide what kind of trouble to get into next.

I hope ya'll had a great Christmas with your human, dog, fish, bird & cat families!
Travel safely & Happy New Year!

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