Monday, August 27, 2012

Vote for Vante

I've put Vante's photos up on the Modern Cat website, so please vote for her!
They have a cat of the week & Vante would make a great one.  Plus, they might run her photo in their new & upcoming magazine.  Go Team Vante!

Vote for Vante!

Miss V is doing great.  She's been helping my husband write papers and study, as you can tell.  She is a big believer is Vante-orientated study breaks & insists upon them regularly. 
One of our other cats, Amelia, has taken over a box that we left out in our living room & Miss V occasionally explores it.  She has been surprisingly generous in allowing Amelia to have the box and occupy it while Vante is nearby.  She's learning manners, slowly but surely.  
Here is one of my favorite recent photos of my old lady.  She's quite a stunner. 

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