Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dental Complete

Vante had her teeth cleaned by yours truly on Monday and she did great!  She had a good bit of tartar built up on her back molars and I was able to clean them up quite nicely.  So now her breath is smelling much better and her teeth are looking beautifully white.

Since Vante has a lot to say (AKA she screams bloody murder at the vet, even when I am petting her) we decided to be nice, save our eardrums and her the stress and anesthetize her before we drew blood or anything.  (This is safer for everybody involved.)  So Vante went into our anesthesia box.
This worked out well.  She breathed like normal, looked out of the see-thru box and slowly started to drift off to sleep as the anesthetic gases took effect.  Then we opened up the box and went to work.  She got her endotracheal tube, her IV cathether and I went to work cleaning her teeth. 

After about 30 minutes her blood pressure started to drop so as I finished up polishing her teeth we turned off the anesthetic gases and started to wake her up.  So by the time I was doing the last item in dental cleaning (the sealant that goes on the outside of the teeth) she was moving her tongue and practically licking my fingers. 
She woke up and I cuddled with her and whispered sweet nothings in her ear and she voiced her displeasure about the whole thing. 
As a side note we ran several blood tests.  Vante has leveled off on her thyroid medicine and we're still at a good medicine dosage.  Her kidney values were high, but still barely within normal range.  That means she will need to have those values tested again in 3 months.  If they're still that high or go up then we'll switch her from her special diet food for urinary crystals to a kidney-friendly diet.  I promise to keep ya'll updated on that front.

Also, Vante lost 1/2 a pound in the past month.  I've started to try to coax her to eat more when I'm around.  Offering her kibbles and leaving out wet food.  She weighs 7.6 pounds, which is still healthy but I don't want her to lose any more weight. 

Overall--great visit to the vet.  Clean teeth, we'll need to recheck her kidney values in 3 months and continue to coax her to eat more. 

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