Saturday, July 17, 2010


Today, July 17th, is Vante Day!

Vante Day is the day when Vante left Best Friends and came home to live with me.  So Vante has been with me and my family for a year now and man... does time fly!

To celebrate Vante Day we have already played and chased lasers several times she's gotten lots of scratches and pets.  We took a nap together.  Currently she is napping but we have a full afternoon and evening planned for her to roam the house, nap wherever she wants and lock up the other cats.  This is her day and the house is hers. 
Vante adores cantip, especially those catnip bananas and cigars.  They say on the label that it's the most potent catnip in the world, well I believe it because all our cats just adore their products. 


  1. HAPPY VANTE DAY!!!! She looks great! Give her a big hug and kiss for me! Next time I am in Vegas, I may have to stop by and see her.

  2. Vante would love to see you and we'd love to have you visit. I have been wanting to get out to Best Friends with Vante as my roomie but just haven't been able to make it yet.

  3. I'm nearly a month late reading this but Happy Vante Day to you all. Those cigars and bananas are a favorite in my house as well. We sell them at the shelter where I volunteer. In honor of Vante Day I will purchase some and send them to be used in the Colonel's Barracks. The kitties of Good Mews will benefit from the purchase and the kitties at Best Friends will be able to enjoy a good catnip high.

    Love to Vante.