Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A+ Dental Cleaning

Yesterday morning Vante had her annual dental cleaning, blood-work and physical at the vet clinic. 

The blood-work came back with no problems.

She had some tartar and buildup on her teeth that they cleaned up but she didn't need to have any teeth pulled.

The vet assistant who spoke to me told me that she was very vocal and irritable in her cage.  Apparently it wasn't to her liking - neither was the vet clinic's live-in cat.  The good news is that she was all talk; she wasn't mean or aggressive towards the staff (thank-goodness).

So, I breathed a sigh of relief and picked her up from the vet's office before 3 p.m.  She spent the evening napping in her favorite box on top of the bookcase and hanging out with my husband while he played StarCraft. 

This morning I removed the bandage from the spot where she had her IV (she had a hematoma there & the bandage needed to remain in place overnight) and her back foot was TWICE the size it should have been!
Apparently that is  normal and it will go back to normal size shortly, according to my vet.  Thank-goodness!

So Vante is doing great, we've rearranged her room and changed out some of the furniture & she seems to love it.  Especially since she now has more sun spots to lay in, meeting her New Years Resolution to take time to enjoy sunny spots. 


  1. So glad to hear Vante's doing so well and just having a great life in her forever home. My best memories of Best Friends will always involve Vante and I can go back to visit the Colonel's Barracks and not miss her because I know she's got a place of her own.