Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vante--the world traveler!

After much inner conflict and going back-and-forth a few times I finally decided to bring Vante with me.  That's right - Vante has left the contiguous U.S.A. and she's now an Alaskan kitty! 

So let's see, Vante's traveling passport now has: Utah, Nevada, California, Minnesota (layover), and Alaska on it!  She was a gem on the plane rides but did meow a bit on the take-offs and landings.  Probably because she didn't know what to think of her ears popping, the noise and slant of the airplane.  She was quite the conversation starter; lots of folks wanted to see her and talk about her. 

So, we've been in Alaska for four nights and she's finally figured out that we're staying here and it'll just be the two of us.  (We're going home the week before Christmas.)  This morning we played a rousing game of 'Bat the Mouse' and she's spent some time looking out the window and feeling the cool air (29 degrees F) on her whiskers.

She's a good cuddler and is making my stay here so much better.  Plus I think she is enjoying being an only cat and all the attention.  So it's a win-win for both of us!

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  1. She looks so happy! I'm glad you brought her with you!