Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vante is doing great!

Quick recap: my sister-in-law moved in two weeks ago with her 14-year-old female dog (Ginger) and her 2-year-old male cat (Tucker).

Vante is doing great!  At first she was afraid of Ginger, and refused to come out of her room if she was in sight.  She growled if Ginger got 'too close' and I have to say it was pretty amusing to watch.  Ginger is deaf and Vante just doesn't understand why the dog isn't scared of her; and poor Ginger is absolutely clue-less about Vante's verbal threats.  But apparently Vante is all talk and gives Ginger a wide girth.  However, over time, with a lot of coaxing, love, and patience Vante has gotten used to the dog.  She isn't going to be best friends with her, and is still nervous around her, but she's gotten significantly better. There's still a touch of growling, but we're not worried about them fighting.

Now, we've also been introducing the new cat's smell to Vante.  When I brush Vante I try to bring a towel, or hair clump that smells like Tucker.  Brushing=good thing therefore Tucker=good thing ... that's the connection we're hoping to make.  They've been interacting underneath the door a lot.  Tucker is fascinated with closed doors and I've seen him put his paw under the door more than once.  He's a brave young'un.   

Look for more photos on Monday!

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