Monday, March 29, 2010

General Vante

Vante took her first road trip with me to March ARB last week.  She was an excellent traveling companion, although she has a few traveling quirks.  She doesn't like traveling on street roads, all that stopping and going bothers her so she talks quite a bit.  Also, she hates that lady in the GPS who is always bossing me around and telling me where to go.  Everytime after she talked Vante would talk back to her (probably telling her to shut up).  It was quite funny.

 Sunday morning I had to check out of my hotel, so Vante went to work with me that day.  She explored every inch of the office and I think she cleared out a few dust bunnies behind some computers.  After lunch she found a big comfy chair to relax in and she took a nap.  She was quite the moral booster - I think we have a new office mascot.

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  1. As I would tell Miss V's cousins...Sweet kitten dreams!